Sizing Guide


How to Determine Your Jewelry Size

Choosing the right size for your jewelry is essential to ensure a comfortable fit. Here are some tips for determining your size:


To find your ring size:

  1. Use a piece of string or a thin strip of paper and wrap it around the base of the finger where you'll wear the ring.
  2. Mark where the string or paper overlaps to measure the circumference.
  3. Use a ring size chart to match the circumference measurement to your ring size.


For bracelets, you'll need to measure your wrist:

  1. Wrap a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string around your wrist, just above the wrist bone.
  2. Mark where the tape or string overlaps to measure the circumference.
  3. Add approximately 0.5 to 1 inch (1.27 to 2.54 cm) to your wrist measurement to find your bracelet size, depending on your comfort preference.


For necklaces, consider the length you desire:

  • Choker: Typically 14 to 16 inches (35.56 to 40.64 cm) in length and sits close to the neck.
  • Princess: About 17 to 19 inches (43.18 to 48.26 cm) in length and rests just below the collarbone.
  • Matinee: Approximately 20 to 24 inches (50.8 to 60.96 cm) in length and falls at the center of the chest.
  • Opera: Usually 28 to 36 inches (71.12 to 91.44 cm) long and can be worn as a long necklace or doubled for a shorter style.

Need Assistance?

If you need further assistance in determining your jewelry size or have specific sizing questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are here to help you find the perfect fit for your jewelry.